Aditya BatraAditya Batra

Program Director- Board and Funding, CSE

Topic: Environment-Development Debate in Contemporary India

Kishore Bhargava

Kishore Bhargava


Topic: New Media for social change


Arnab Dutta

Multimedia Editor, Down To Earth

Topic: Putting the right questions

Sucharita Sen

Sucharita Sen

Associate Prof., Centre for Studies for Regional Development

Topic: Watershed as a unit of development

Arjuna Srinidhi

Program Director, Climate Change, CSE

Topic: Climate Change: Politics and Facts

Kumar Sambhav Srivastava

Principal Correspondant, Hindustan Times

Topic: Communities, Forests and Resources; Tracking: Crop failure and drought

Satwik Mudgil

Senior Research Associate, Training and Community Support, CSE

Topic: Living in the garb-age: People’s initiative to manage waste

Latha Jishnu

Freelance Journalist

Topic: Food Sovereignty

Usha Ramanathan

Research fellow at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies

Topic: Judiciary and Environment: Situating the legal context of the environmental debate

Avikal Somvanshi

Senior Research Associate, Sustainable Building Program, CSE

Topic: The Science and Art of Good Living: Buildings that breathe

Richard Mahapatra

Managing Editor, Down To Earth

Topic: Communicating Change: Reporting from the field


Jyotsna Singh

Senior Reporter, Down To Earth

Topic: Environment and Health Perspectives


Ruchita Bansal

Program Officer, Air Pollution Control

Topic: Mobility and Transport

Ajit BajajAjit Bajaj

Art Director, Down To Earth

Topic: Using Design and Photojournalism in your Magazine

Madhuresh kumarMadhuresh Kumar

National Alliance of People’s Movements

Topic: Land: Legal framework, acquired, exploitation

Dr Suneesh BaxyDr. Suneesh Baxy

IFS, Conservator of Forests, Delhi

Topic: City Forests of Delhi

Biraj SwainBiraj Swain

Co-Director, GCAP

Topic: State of Agriculture in India

AMIT KhuranaAmit Khurana

Program Manager, Food Safety and Toxins

Topic: Food Safety and Regulation

Anumita roychowdharyAnumita Roychowdhary

Ex Dir, Research and Advocacy, CSE

Topic: Air Pollution and Mobility: Challenges and Way Forward

Gaurav ShoreyGaurav Shorey

Team Member, Psi Energy, Sadasya at 5waraj and Guest Faculty, SPA Delhi

Topic: Why Green makes sense: Living with Nature

jaya-jaitley_030512032249Jaya Jaitley

President and Founder, Dastkari Haat Samiti

Topic: Mapping the lived Heritage with its stakeholders

shankar2Shankar Gopalakrishnan

Writes on Fores Rights Act, Political Economy and People’s Movements

Topic: Understanding Climate change: Politics and People

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