Laugh or Cry


Beginning of the last day at CSE:

Its 30th June today, the last day of our course “Agenda for Survival”.  As soon as I wake up, I see we all are busy preparing our presentations which we have to submit after an hour or two. My roommate and group members are here, in my room, to finish our tasks. In spite of our working on the magazine since the last few days, we have an extra zing to complete our presentations. Everyone of us are unleashing our ideas to build each slide of the presentation. Somehow we complete our task and leave for the class.

With an unsatisfied appetite (as we skipped our breakfast) we reach our classroom ten minutes late past usual time. Soon we are all get absorbed by the excellent presentations done by each groupand the brainstorming discussion that follows. Our presentation is based on the campaign done by us, focusing on various environmental issues like air pollution and road traffic, food, livelihood, energy, etc. Soon enough after all the presentations have ended there is a surprise for all of us. The magazine “Footprints” made by us is ushered in the classroom by Ranjita Ma’am and Rakesh Sir and distributed to one and all-5copies each! After this the certificates are distributed to each of the participants. For our lunch we leave our classroom and are driven in bus to a Bengali cuisine restaurant. The lip-smacking food invigorates our body and we savour the tasty treat.

Memories which never fade:

Reaching back to our classroom, we are busy posing for pictures to capture the memories. Every moment of this one month journey starts flashing in my mind. I, begin with the glimpse of the majestic female tiger that we saw through the thick foliage at Corbett national Park and how the park is jam-packed with wilderness wows, the scenic beauty of snow-covered Himalaya at Ranikhet, the amazing sights of historical monuments in Delhi, the excellent lectures I attended, the interesting people I met and of course the fusion of cuisines we tasted round the month. This moments brought us joy and this departure tears in our eyes. We all are reaching our homes with a more realistic perspective and enthusiastic minds like never before.

I really feel blessed to be a part of AFS. We bang on…!!!!

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