Journey Ends Moments are forever!

It’s time to go back….!!!

June 22, 2015

It’s time to pen down to write blog. On 22nd June 2015 while returning from Uttarakhand was a nostalgic feel as we all got so much attached to families where all of us resided and the amount of love and care was no lesser than our family. Our caretakers stayed long to bade us goodbye. Uttarkhand has a cozy climate, steep roads, fury dogs, strong-willed women and best part was all girls of Naini ( a village in Uttarkhand) were studying with interest instead sitting  at home doing household works. The ultimate part was women in chillimiria working with Umaang were diligent, tireless, energetic,  ultra careful and what more to say just hats off! I would say they are also multitasking women who manages all the household works, agricultural fields, knitting and they work independently as most of the man has migrated for employment. One woman from the village shared that someone has  accidently or intentionally put on  fire in the forest which spread across the forest floor damaging their crops,  five to six women at mid night had come out of their home together to  put off the fire. After listening I thought they are so courageous and self-independent on taking decision on such critical time. I was inspired.  I miss Pratisksha Resort where we stayed during our Corbett tour, it was fun bathing and playing with friends in Kosi River. The ambiance, rooms and Food of resort was too good. We have clicked so many photos so that memories will be always with us. The bus journey was full of fun, we were playing games and singing songs. Every song sung was attached with some of our friend’s memory so it was pleasure listening to them. However, the fourteen-hour journey was tiring but we all tired our best to keep our friends awake. As a whole the trip was amazing, remarkable and mind blowing.

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Sowmiya Venkatramani

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