Jungle Safari

The most remarkable and unfading memory…

The awaited moment on 17 June 2015 at 3.00 pm was really making my heart beat faster and faster. The hot sun was also a pleasure as we all were going for a safari to Jim Corbett National Park. As it was my first visit for any National Park I couldn’t have dreamt it on my Birthday. My expectation was at the peak as soon as Gypsy arrived at the Resort. On the way going to Jungle had all mixed emotions about what kind of species we will be seeing. Will I be lucky to see a tiger as it’s my birthday! Finally, we reached our destination “CORBETT NATIONAL PARK”. My friends and I started scanning through binoculars for animals and birds but my first priority was to see Tiger!  I was fully engrossed in the forest environment. Journey started with the sight of spotted deer, monitor lizard, elephant and our national bird(Peacock). Two hours flew away like a fraction of second, then at a point of time we all got hopeless to feel ourselves lucky enough to see our National Animal. We overheard that a tiger has been sighted somewhere nearby, our driver rushed his gypsy as fast as he could, the rate of exhilaration and agitation doubled in us. Eventually we saw a Tiger camouflaged itself behind bushes having a sound sleep . Leaving that spot our Gypsy driver told us,”Chalo ab bohat time ho gaya hai aur ab koi tiger nahi dikhega”.  Surprisingly, while proceeding towards exit gate we just saw a Tigress walking down from upside hill! We all were thrilled and silence was all around, I was on cloud nine seeing a Tiger from such a close distance WOW!! I was admiring the mystic, glossy and elegant walk of tiger while it was crossing the road. It was like a dream come true moment, where only a few people would get such priceless gifts from nature! The most extraordinary birthday I celebrated since the day I born and of course  the  most remarkable and unfading memory I am left with!!

Sowmiya Venkatramani

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