A Day in the Wild

Our second day of the field visit had begun with an early morning river walk along river Kosi which forms the eastern border of Jim Corbett National Park. When we were on the way to the river, our guide Mr.Ramesh, spotted fresh pug marks of a Tigress which passed through the corridor between Corbett National Park and Ramnagar Reserved forest. Whoa!! What a perfect start for a day! We all were delighted looking at the pugmarks which we got to spot unexpectedly and clicked tons of pictures of it. We proceeded further for our river walk and the riverbed was full of pebbles. Pebbles and pebbles everywhere. Amidst the cold and freshwater of Kosi, was the “Tiger of Waters”, the Mahseer-golden, shining fish. Once found in abundance in the River Kosi, is now to be seen in a few pockets of the river. Unmonitored angling, poaching, sand mining, dynamiting, polluted and hydro-power projects are contributing towards the extinction of the Mahseer. A suspension bridge over the river from where the tourists were doing adventure sports, people taking dip in the river etc etc is the everyday reality disturbing this freshwater ecosystem.

Mahseer in river Kosi
Mahseer in river Kosi

We then proceeded to a village with a small community where we had a small conversation with them about their lifestyle and the man-animal conflict. Our guide, Mr. Ramesh explained the illegal sand mining which is taking place rampantly along the river. Then was the much awaited Jungle Safari in the glorious and India’s first National Park. The bumpy gypsy ride in the wild, which was the first time experience for many of us was exciting and fun filed. The breathtaking landscape and diverse wildlife of the Corbett National park has been an enriching experience to all of us. Monitor lizards, langur, wild elephants, sambar deer, spotted deer, barking deer,green bee eater birds, lapwings, insects, a variety of butterflies and a lot more beautiful wild animals crossed our path during the Safari. And all the excitement doubled when we spotted a mother Tigress, beautifully camouflaged under the bushes. What an amazing art of the nature! All of us started our journey back with joy after the sight of the tiger. Voila!! Another tiger on our way back!! This time, the tiger crossed the road right in front of our jeep and walked back to sit and show its exquisite beauty to all the tourists. Our Safari ended on a happy note and it will be a life time memory for all of us.

– Madhulika Tangeti

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