“INDIA” Build Sense !!!!

June 10, 2015

Today we were really curious to start our day to explore more. Our first lecture was by Anumita Roychowdhary .She delivered a holistic lecture on environmental problems our country is facing. It was an effective session as she gave us an overview about cities. She explained us what problems the cities actually face and what types of problems they are going to face in future. About 65% of the world population lives in urban areas and Asia contributes 1 billion to world urban population.

In India approximately 60% of population resides in 40 cities of India. Environment management of megacities like Delhi ,Mumbai ,Chennai, Kolkata and Bengaluru are good as compared to other cities as these cities have efficient fund being provided by government.

She has also  put light on the Rajiv Awas Yojana Mumbai. The problems being faced by Delhi is also focused by her like disposal of solid waste, construction and demolition waste, congestion of road by vehicles, health issues etc. She gave us data that surprised us: That in Delhi people take  25 million travel trip per day.

The lecture was then followed by Ruchita Bansal (Prog officer, Air pollution control ) CSE  & Shireen Bithal . They explained us about the health problems which we face by exposure to particulate matter suspended in air. She also mentioned that the people living in areas around highways are more vulnerable.

The post lunch lecture was delivered by Avikal Somvanshi(Senior Research Associate, Sustainable Development Program, CSE). He focused on the new trends in  building structure design of growing India. He introduced us with green buildings. It was quiet informative lecture where we get to know how can we make buildings that are resources and energy efficient.  Points to keep in mind while constructing green buildings are: avoid unnecessary energy consumption, optimizing and limiting our needs of consumption. He ended his lecture with brief description on how malba generated from buildings can be recycled and used for construction process.

– Khushboo

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