Brainstorming session

Brainstorming Session !

June 8, 2015

The first lecture of second weeks AFS 2015 was started by Madhuresh Kumar on land ordinance.It was an effective session and informative which gave the participants an overview about the land rights , land acquisition procedure in India . He told us all about the Narmada Bachao Andolan. He gave insight about the peoples movement against corporate land grab.

Then the session was followed by Sushmita Sengupta who delivered a  lecture on save Ganga mission. Her lecture was quite interesting. She started with how Ganga is being polluted, how human activities are making the holy river Ganga reach her death stage. In her presentation, she highlighted about impact of industrial effluent released by leather industries at Kanpur and the sewer domestic waste in Varanasi. From her lecture, I got to know about the key issues related to causes of pollution in Ganga and how it has lost its self-cleansing property. She elaborately explained about the present condition of Ganga, how the domestic and industrial waste  is contaminating the longest river of the world ( originating from gangotri and merging in West Bengal).

The post lunch session was taken by Suneesh Buxy (IFS officer).He told us about the urban forestry and explained how over a period of time the city forest was developed in Delhi .He shared various provision of forests law in India and authorities established there under. In his presentation, he covered the aspects of cutting of trees and the provisions of liability of fine upto Rs 30,000 for their offense under the Delhi Protection Tree Act, 1998. He also shared the helpline no. to handle complain against tree cutting. He explained another provision from DPTA which is, for every one tree being cut ,it should be compensated by planting 10 saplings with Rs 32,000 penalty .

He concluded the session on a positive note on how our participation can improve the green cover in the cities. “ Keep our forest green, ocean blue our planet needs us.”

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