Revisiting “Incredible” in Incredible India

“A walk to remember at the MB Road…”

Sunny morning, sleepy faces, but still a touch of inquisitiveness in our eyes, we reach our class room at sharp 9. Meeting senior planner of CSE, Ms Ruchita Bansal, peps us up. Starting the day with a powerful yet a moving PowerPoint shattering all our stereotypical mind sets regarding transportation planning in India. What we all think is that more of development will lead to betterment of society & a good standard of living. What we don’t understand is more of thoughful planning will lead to achieve our goals. Ms Ruchita not only explained us the concept theoretically but also made us go for a walk at the MB Road to make us aware of the plight. Cars parked on footpaths, no dead width for the passerby to stand, no use of dustbins even though they are placed, footover bridges with no proper planning, no bicycle paths, open areas getting wasted, no proper road planning & no implementation of the road policies. Reaching at a point to question, where is the “incredible” in incredible India we say?? It just surprises me that how insensitive & unorganised we as citizen are and the government too is at a major fault. Comparing ourselves to other countries, we have a long way to go and I, as the future of India will do my bit towards eradication of the issue.

Not so incredible india
Not so incredible india



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