Bang On! AFS

Weaving the thoughts of
things undone.
Making the stories which
are still unsung.
Putting the heads together
with pen and paper.
Setting an example of
how to worship nature…

That peace within when you reach at the zenith of your needs not your wants is what exactly we are feeling today. The exposure to the reservoir of knowledge and the colorful dips which we took in the intense discussions were fun. Food, energy, livelihood, trees, smart cities…wow…all of it absorbed and consumed, made our think tanks open up like parachutes which are set free to sway in any direction we want!
Freedom to think out of the box, experiencing every fold of environment and having a major say in the formulation of ideas was pleasant. My CSE, ‘Come Sit and Enjoy’ how beautifully CSE (Centre for Science and Environment) has fabricated the concept of this course and how selflessly they are pouring wisdom of knowledge upon us is one of the experiences.
Lucky to be here…would pen down more Kodak moments which we are weaving daily till then relishing the luxuriance of nature…
See you 🙂

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